Trump may loosen Huawei sanctions

One of the issues on the agenda of the world recently is the US-China tension. In particular, Huawei’yi softening signals that affect this voltage is coming. According to Haberturk, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that President Donald Trump could ease US sanctions against Huawei if progress in trade negotiations with China was achieved.Mnuchin said progress in trade negotiations between the US and China could happen during a meeting of Trump and Chinese President Shi during the G20 summit at the end of this month.According to The Guardian, Mnuchin warned that Washington would continue to implement tariffs to reduce budget deficits if there was no trade agreement, and added:

“President Trump says he might be willing to do certain things about Huawei if we make trade progress and get certain guarantees. If China wants to move forward on an agreement, we’re ready to move forward under the conditions we’ve set. If China doesn’t want to take steps, President Trump says would be happy to continue implementation. “

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