Samsung has started to work on technology

Samsung, one of the major brands in the smart phone market, wants to continue its success in the hands. The company made important statements about 6G. The statement said the company will invest in future partners, including the sixth generation of mobile networks and system chips, indicating that the plans for the next decade have already been made.Companies have taken the first steps to build and operate global 5G networks. In February, US President Donald Trump called for the US to implement 6G as soon as possible. 5G networks will provide 10 times faster data rates than 4G LTE and will lead to the development of new industries and businesses. While 5G is still underway, Samsung has made a number of attention on the 6G technology.It turned out that Samsung Vice President Jay Y. Lee sent an email to other Samsung officials about 6G, block chain technology and artificial intelligence. The content of the e-mail included developing a partnership with private equity firms to concentrate on these technologies.


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