Respond to theft charges from Google

Technology giant Google is currently on the agenda with lyrics play. The allegations came from the online song lyrics and music information platform Genius. When users search on Google for some songs, they were informed that the contents of the special box that they encountered were used without permission.Genius has been using a method to determine whether his lyrics have been copied for some time. Genius placed a special mark at the beginning and end of the lyrics with a watermark that he developed, which enabled him to detect the copied lyrics.According to The Wall Street Journal, the platform claimed that it stole Google’s lyrics in this way. Google denied the claim in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.Genius has not yet brought this claim to the judicial authorities. However, according to US media reports, the lyrics do not have the intellectual property of the company’s claim, even if it proves hard to get the desired result. Let’s see if Google will continue to make new statements in the coming days.What do you think about it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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