Mobile phone cameras now consist

Mobile phone cameras now consist of multiple camera modules. The ToF cameras, especially found in some of the flagship mobile phones, are used for some different solutions.What is a ToF camera? What does it do? (video)

ToF cameras, which are the initials of the words Time of Flight in English, have recently been introduced to mobile phones, but have been used in industrial areas for many years. ToF cameras have been used for many years, especially in the industry, to help detect the surrounding objects and the environment in which it is connected . ToF cameras, which are frequently used in robots in factories, automotive industry and autonomous driving technologies, are evaluated for detection of AR, Augmented Reality and objects on mobile phones.The operating principle of these cameras is based on the laser or infrared light source on the camera, hitting the object and coming back to the camera. That’s why all ToF cameras need a light source.In this video, we describe what ToF cameras do and how they can benefit mobile phones:The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 cell phone has a total of 6 cameras, 5 on the back and one on the front . AMOLED and rounded edges with a screen that attracts attention, the camera is quite ambitious.

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