Use secure connection

With the acceleration of digital transformation, many services and processes for both corporate and end users have been managed with web applications. From banking to education, from health to transportation, many processes go through web applications. Ensuring the security of these applications, which has become a critical component of modern life, has been one of the most important tasks of service providers. Turkey’s leading cyber security integrator to Innover, a safe Internet experience for web application developers should take security measures outlined in Article 10:browser address bar, yeşil Secure alan in a green box indicates that the website we are connected to is encrypted end-to-end. In order to have this phrase, the site needs to work with the T HTTPS ”protocol. The word “S una added to the end of ordinary HTTP pages takes its name from the English security word and makes the Internet secure by encrypting it. For this reason, this protocol should be used on every internet page where the user enters data such as payment and membership pages.

Search engines like Google, which pioneered the development of secure internet, recommend that every website use this protocol. Secure connections are obtained through “SSL Certificates an purchased from different service providers. Therefore, the certification period

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