Scarlett gaming

Microsoft announces Project Scarlett, the next generation Xbox console. He’s coming out in late 2020. Project Scarlett will go out with Halo Infinite during the 2020 holiday season to raise the bar in terms of console power, speed and performance. A specially designed processor with Zen 2 architecture and powered by the Radeon RDNA architecture, Project Scarlett will rise to a different level. With high-bandwidth GDDR6 memory and the next generation solid state drive (SSD), Project Scarlett will provide game developers with the power they need to realize their creative vision.With hardware-accelerated beam tracking technology, variable frame-to-second ratio, 8K resolution capability, and very low latency, the Project Scarlett console will deliver unprecedented levels of precision, accuracy and accuracy.

Your Project Scarlett gaming accessories will be compatible with your Xbox career and thousands of games across four console generations. You can watch the announcement video from the player above. What do you think about the next generation Xbox console?

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