Trump reacted to NASA’s project to the Moon

US President Donald Trump reacted to NASA on the way back from Ireland to the United States. Ump Despite all the money we’ve spent, NASA shouldn’t still talk about going to the Moon, biz said Trump. They should focus on the bigger things we do, including Mars. however, this statement of the US leader confused. Trump’s departure came after NASA General Manager Jim Bridenstine’s statement at the International Space Development Conference in Washington that “the president’s first instruction was ‘We’re going back to the moon.'”
The NASA manager also said that a comprehensive trip to the Moon would take place in 2024, which would be different from the previous one, and that they would remain permanently on the Moon. NASA plans to use the Moon as a base for trips to Mars.

Trump did not escape the fact that he had contradicted his earlier statements about space and NASA. Announcing the addition of 1.6 billion to NASA’s $ 21 billion budget last month, Trump said, altında Under my direction, we are restoring NASA to carry it back to a very good place and going back to the Moon, then Mars. Paylaş

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